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Noodles continues through September 25

“Everybody knows their family’s crazy,” said L. Don Swartz, who wrote Noodles. “This goes behind the story to see what makes them tick … and hopefully, makes everybody feel a little bit better about their own situations.”



Paul Martin as Grandpa Boodle clowns around during rehearsal for Noodles.

Boo and Stu Boodle, whose affection for each other is still genuine after all these years, set the stage for the rest of the family. Boo is June Cleaver at her homiest. Stu has been inhaling dry-cleaning fumes at the family’s dry cleaning and pie shop for 30 years and has the empty-headed comic cluelessness to prove it.

Grandpa manages a cat house and the hypochondriac daughter Lulu has found love in the equally germ-o-phobic Luke. Brother Ned, who appears to be the only sane one around, brings normal Elaine home to meet this daffy bunch, who sees what few others see in the family Boodle. Oh, and there’s also the ever-helpful Jack, who resides in a cardboard appliance box in the middle of the Boodle living room, and the neighbor, Mrs. Doodah-Doodah.

With understated humor, Noodles just might help you view your own crazed flesh and blood with a knowing smile, a kinder eye, and an open heart.

Noodles could easily be mistaken as Neil Simon at his jokester best, with the heart-warming moral that seems to pervade much of Swartz’s work. By the end of the story, you may re-think just who among your own family are crazy and who are sane…and realize just how much you all care about each other.

Meet the Boodles!
September 3-25, 2016

Directed by Lance Christiansen

8:00 PM — SEPTEMBER 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, & 24
2:00 PM — SEPTEMBER 4, 11, 18, & 25


Norma Ferrales, Jillian Goddard & Gail Walker during rehearsal for Noodles.

Cast of Noodles:

  • Boo Boodle – Norma Ferrales
  • Ned Boodle – William Shaw
  • Krystal – Kimi Palacios
  • Grandpa Boodle – Paul Martin
  • Jack – Henry Nickel
  • Lulu Boodle – Michelle Johnson
  • Stu Boodle – Dan Baldwin
  • Mrs. Doodah-Doodah – Gail Walker
  • Nora – Jillian Goddard
  • Elaine – Eleanor Hastings
  • Luke – Dennis Johnston

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the box office at (909) 793-2909. Redlands Footlighters is located at 1810 Barton Road, in Redlands.