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Exit Laughing continues for two more weekends

Audiences have seen and love the play and are coming back for more. Only six performances left, so don’t be left out!

Playwright Paul  Elliott joined the cast and crew on stage after Saturday's performance of Exit Laughing.

Playwright Paul Elliott joined the cast and crew on stage after Saturday’s performance of Exit Laughing.

After Saturday’s performance of Exit Laughing, Footlighters’ audience was surprised to see Cindi East, the director, hurry onto the stage. She announced that there was a very special guest in the audience, Paul Elliot, the playwright.

Paul Elliot came on to the stage and graciously commended the cast and director for the production. He then shared a little about himself and how he approached writing. He said he drew inspiration from the iconic Lucille Ball who said that comedy was thinking of something tragic and going beyond it. He quipped that he didn’t think anything could be more tragic to southern ladies than not having their bridge game. He explained he went back to writing plays after he had retired, mirroring the play’s message of making sure to do the things you wanted to in life.

He also shared that Exit Laughing is quickly becoming one of the most popular shows being produced in the country with over 48 productions in the works. Audience members were delighted to learn that as a result of its success, Exit Laughing is in talks to be taken to Broadway.

Exit Laughing runs until August 30th. Get more information and tickets.