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Auditions set for Bus Stop: February 8-9

Redlands Footlighters will hold auditions for the American classic Bus Stop, by William Inge, on February 8 and 9 and at 7:00 pm.  It will run weekends April 1-24.

Show5_2015_WebDirected by Jeff Richards, the play takes place in 1953, small bus station/ coffee shop, 30 miles west of Kansas City.  The cast will include:

  • Elma Duckworth: Sweet, innocent, young, waitress; high school senior; late teens to early 20’s.
  • Grace Hoylard: Seasoned coffee shop owner; 35-50ish.
  • Will Masters: Sheriff; authoritative, strong, quite presence; full beard. 45-65ish.
  • Cherie: attractive, blond (preferred, but not required), lounge singer; object of Bo’s affection; 20’s early 30’s.
  • Dr.Gerald Lyman: former college professor. 50- 70.
  • Carl: the bus driver. 35-50ish
  • Virgil Blessing: Bo’s mentor and ranch hand. knowing some guitar cords is a plus; 40’s-50’s
  • Bo Decker: high spirited young cowboy fresh off the ranch; 20’s- early 30’s

Auditions will be cold reads from the script.

Rehearsals will be 7-10 Monday-Thursday starting Feb 15th. also a least one Saturday to help on the set.  No one will be required to be at every rehearsal, so some conflicts can be worked around. This will be treated as an ensemble piece (unlike the film version, that was based on the play).

Jeff Richards will be directing this show, and is looking forward to a calm, creative, work shop type rehearsal process, resulting in a quality product we all can be proud of.  

Redlands Footlighters is a 100% volunteer community theater. There is no pay.