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Auditions for Noodles set for June 27 and 28

Footlighters welcomes back Lance Christiansen as he directs the new comedy Noodles, by L. Don Swartz.  Auditions for Noodles, the first show of Redlands Footlighters’ 2016-17 season, will be held on June 27 and 28 at 7pm.

Seeking 5 men and 6 women for this new show inspired by You Can’t Take It With You.

  • Four women early 20’s to late 30’s (or can play that age) – Krystal, Lulu, Nora, Elaine
  • Two women 45-70 – Boo, Mrs. Doodah-Doodah
  • Two men 20’s to 30’s – Ned (LEAD), Luke
  • One man 60+ – Grandpa Boodle
  • One man 45 to 60 – Stu Boodle
  • One man 20’s to 60 – Jack

Boo and Stu Boodle, whose affection for each other is still genuine after all these years, set the stage for the rest of the family. Boo is June Cleaver at her homiest. Stu has been inhaling dry-cleaning fumes at the family’s dry cleaning and pie shop for 30 years and has the empty-headed comic cluelessness to prove it.

Grandpa manages a cat house and the hypochondriac daughter Lulu has found love in the equally germ-o-phobic Luke. Brother Ned, who appears to be the only sane one around, brings normal Elaine home to meet this daffy bunch, who sees what few others see in the family Boodle. Oh, and there’s also the ever-helpful Jack, who resides in a cardboard appliance box in the middle of the Boodle living room, and the neighbor, Mrs. Doodah-Doodah.

With understated humor, Noodles just might help you view your own crazed flesh and blood with a knowing smile, a kinder eye, and an open heart.

Auditions will be at the theater, located at 1810 Barton Road in Redlands.  Show runs September 3-25.  Rehearsal will begin July 11.