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Audition Information: The Bad Seed by Maxwell Anderson on January 19 & 20

Redlands Footlighters will hold open auditions for the classic thriller, The Bad Seed, written by Maxwell Anderson and directed by David Motroni. Seeking one young girl, 4 women, and 7 men.

Auditions will be January 19 & 20, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. at the theater located at 1810 Barton Road, in Redlands. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Show runs March 12-29, 2015.

Redlands Footlighters will hold auditions for The Bad Seed, by Maxwell Anderson, January 19 & 20, 2015.

Redlands Footlighters will hold auditions for The Bad Seed, by Maxwell Anderson, January 19 & 20, 2015.

Colonel and Christine Penmark’s daughter, Rhoda, is sweet, charming, full of old fashioned graces, loved by her parents, and admired by all of her elders…but Rhoda’s mother has an uneasy feeling about her. And when one of Rhoda’s schoolmates, who wins a penmanship contest that Rhoda feels she should have won, is found mysteriously drowned at a school picnic, her mom seems to question the innocent sweet exterior of her daughter.


  • Rhoda Penmark: The character is 8, but open to a petite 12 to 14 year old. On the surface sweet and charming, but underneath, something is different. She always gets what she wants ….no matter the cost.
  • Christine Penmark: Rhoda’s mom. She is gracious and loving wife and mother. Her adoration for Rhoda becomes skeptical as the play evolves. (Age: Late 20’s to mid 30’s)
  • Col. Kenneth Penmark: Rhoda’s father. Military officer, who is away through most of the play’s action. He adores his wife and child. (Age: Late 20’s to mid 30’s)
  • Monica Breedlove: The owner and residence of the building where the Penmark’s live. She is a widower. She is bright, smitten with Rhoda, overly friendly and is a no-nonsense, can-do type personality. (Age: 45 – 60)
  • Emery Wages: Younger brother of his sister Monica, with whom he lives. He is friendly, conversational, and is calmer than his sister. (Age: 30 – 45)
  • Leroy: Custodian of the building and grounds. He is an embittered man who feels he has been unfairly victimized by life. He has ambivalent feelings toward Rhoda. (Age: 30 – 45)
  • Miss Fern: The conservative and strong Head Mistress of the most aristocratic school in the state. (Age: 30 – 60)
  • Reginald Tasker: A friend of Monica’s. He is a crime writer and considers himself an expert in the history of crime. (Age: 35 – 50)
  • Mrs. Hortense Daigle: An alcoholic, who is the distraught mother of the boy who drowned. (Age: 30 – Mid 40’s)
  • Mr. Daigle: Quiet, apologetic husband of Mrs. Daigle. (Age: 35 – 45)
  • Richard Bravo: Christine’s father. Once a well-known homicide detective, who later becomes a world famous author. He loves his daughter and granddaughter. (Age 50 – 65)